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Streetscene service standards
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Streetscene Service Standards

Our Streetscene Service aims to:

  • Protect and enhance the built and green environment by providing an efficient and effective Streetscene Service for roads, path networks, open land and recreational areas
  • Increase residents satisfaction with their neighbourhoods, by providing an efficient, reliable and effective Streetscene Service and provide for their recreational needs, by maintaining parks and other recreational areas to a high standard of cleanliness and horticultural standard
  • Maintain and improve the road and pavement condition by ensuring that verges are well kept and maintained and that weed growth is kept under control by an annual weed control programme
  • Protect residents and our environment from pollution and other public health and safety hazards, by ensuring the quick and efficient removal of items of dumped refuse from streets and open land, including dead animals and hypodermic syringes

The Open Space Asset Management Plan (OSAMP)(PDF, 359kb) sets out our approach for the management and maintenance of all Open Space assets. This should be read in conjunction with the Open Space Strategy (PDF, 438kb). The key objective of the OSAMP is to ensure our assets are fit for purpose and managed effectively and efficiently.

Cleanliness standards

The Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (Scotland) 2006, issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, defines the maximum response times when a litter problem is reported within or to a local authority. The standard of street cleanliness is assessed in terms of ‘litter’ and measured using 4 categories graded as A,B,C & D. An example would be when a Grade D is identified within a Zone 1, the council has 1 hour to respond and return the Grade D to a Grade A. The grades and zones used by North Ayrshire are as follows:


  • A  no presence of litter or dog fouling
  • B  small presence of litter or dog fouling
  • C  significant presence of litter or dog fouling
  • D  severe presence of litter and dog fouling

Streetscene Maintenance and Cleaning Schedule

  • Winter - October to March
  • Summer - April to September
Channel Sweeping and Litter Picking
Area/ZoneChannel SweepingLitter Picking
Town centre Every day Every day
Other popular areas Once every 2 weeks Twice per week
Residential areas (high population) Once every 2 weeks Twice per week
Residential areas (low population) Once per month Every 2 months
Rural/country roads  Twice per year Twice per year
Promenade Cleaning
Litter picking Sweeping Litter picking Sweeping
Irvine Every day Twice per week 3 times per week Twice per week
Saltcoats Every day Twice per week 3 times per week Twice per week
Ardrossan Every day Twice per week 3 times per week Twice per week
Largs Every day 3 times per week 3 times per week Twice per week
Millport 5 times per week 5 times per week 3 times per week Twice per week
Beach Cleaning
Recreational areas and amenity beaches Once per week Once every 4 weeks
Sensitive and conservation beaches Monthly hand picking of litter Monthly hand picking of litter
Other beaches As necessary As necessary
Landscape Maintenance
Emptying of litter bins in town centres Every day
Emptying of litter bins in housing areas Once per week
Emptying of dog bins Once per week
Mowing of roadside highway verges (with the exception of Trunk Roads - responsibility of the Highway Authority) Twice per year
Mowing of grass within housing open spaces and parks Maintained to an acceptable standard between April and October (weather dependent)
Weed control on road verges, footways, and both hard and soft surfaces Twice per year
Pruning ornamental shrubs and rose beds Twice per year
Inspecting water and life saving equipment Once per week
Inspecting play equipment and cleaning play areas Once per week