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Council Tax performance

Cost of collection and collection performance

2017/18 - Yearly Council Tax Collection

North Ayrshire Council collected 94.8% of Council Tax billed within the 2017/18 financial year.

There is a 0.1% increase in the collection rate from the previous year, 2016/17.

During 2017/18 there was:

  • a 3% increase in the Council Tax charge, an increase in the multiplier used to calculate the charge for Bands E to H
  • the removal of the 10% discount for second homes
  • an increase in the Council Tax levy, from 150% to 200% for long term properties

increasing the amount to be collected in year.

During 2017/18, an additional £3.9M was collected, compared to last year, to result in the 0.1% increase in collection performance. 

2017/18 – Yearly Cost of Collecting Council Tax

The Cost of Collecting Council Tax per dwelling for 2017/18 is £7.65.

This is a reduction of £0.02 per dwelling compared to last year and £2.05 below the target of £9.70.

The cost is affected by employee costs, administration costs and Corporate Support recharges.