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Council Tax performance

How long will it take to process my Council Tax?

Times can be found in our current processing performance (PDF, 11.2kb) (also available at the counter in the Customer Service Centre, Bridgegate House, Irvine).

Quarterly performance

The following shows our processing and quality assurance performance:

Cost of collection and collection performance

View our collection performance cost of collecting Council Tax per dwelling 2015/16 (Word, 143kb).

Customer complaints

To make a complaint, compliment or suggestion on the service you’ve received from the Council Tax Service or any of our partners please see our complaints procedure page.

The number of compliments, complaints and suggestions we have received over the last year are provided here:

We have analysed the complaints we received over the last 3 years. The results and the action we have taken are available here:

Customer satisfaction surveys

These are completed by customers over the phone, by letter and email and through face to face enquiries. Our customer satisfaction level, calculated at the end of 2014/15, is 94.75%.

Here are the results of our Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Word, 64kb) and Landlord Consultation Survey (PDF, 82kb) carried out for April 2014 to March 2015.

We use feedback from our customers to develop and improve the standard of service we offer.