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How your council is performing
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How your council is performing

We measure performance on a national scale using indicators from the Scottish Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF).

Local Government Benchmarking Framework logo

The LGBF indicators have been developed by:

The purpose of the LGBF is for councils to work together to:

  • improve their use of performance information
  • understand variations in achievements
  • share good service practices

Compare how your council is performing

My Local Council compiles and compares information for all 32 Scottish councils. Anyone can see how well their council is performing across key services:

We work with other councils to analyse the information in order to understand why variations occur.

The process has been organised around groups of councils. This means we are comparing councils similar to us in terms of:

  • the socio-economic make up of their area
  • population

Benchmarking reports

We demonstrate our commitment towards identifying best practice of our services by undertaking additional benchmarking exercises which yield positive outcomes.

Benchmarking involves measuring the performance of an organisation’s services or processes against those of another business considered to be the best. It is used to identify opportunities for improvement.

Reports on benchmarking are reviewed by Cabinet;



Benchmarking groups

North Ayrshire Council is involved in benchmarking groups, including:

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