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Housing services performance

The Housing and Corporate Sustainability Service currently manages approx13,000 properties. Our overarching aim is to provide excellent, value for money services to our customers, clients, tenants and those on our North Ayrshire Housing Register.

Further to this, we aim to assist anyone who may be homeless, and contribute to the wider community by:

  • helping provide safer communities

  • tackling antisocial behaviour

  • assisting in meeting the need for support services in North Ayrshire

We have a key strategic role in the regeneration of areas within North Ayrshire by planning for, and delivering projects and services, that contribute to the provision of new affordable housing and the development of sustainable communities.

Property Management and Investment is responsible for the effective asset management of North Ayrshire Council's housing and non-housing property assets and for ensuring the property assets are maintained in a condition that is compliant with all legislative requirements.

Building Services undertakes the repair, planned maintenance, improvement and adaptation of council owned properties, consisting of; approximately 13,000 properties, and 361 non housing properties including schools, public halls, libraries and offices. The Service completes approximately 50,000 jobs per year and generates an income of approximately £17m.

North Ayrshire Council relies on its rental income to fund the management and maintenance of its housing stock and other housing services. Rent collection, prevention and control of arrears and void management are essential to the operation of the service. These core functions, have a direct impact on our ability to deliver decent, affordable housing located in good quality environments.

Our performance

There are five Housing indicators in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework:

Indicator Ref and Name2014/15 Value2015/16 Value2016/17 Value2017/18 ValueScotland Value 2016/17
HSN1b Gross rent arrears (all tenants) as at 31 March each year as a percentage of rent due for the reporting year 3.75 3.23 3.39 3.59 6.75
HSN2 Percentage of rent due in the year that was lost due to voids 0.38 0.33 0.33 0.35 0.89
HSN3 Percentage of council dwellings meeting Scottish Housing Standards 98.22 99.07 98.67 99.14 93.89
HSN4b Average number of days taken to complete non-emergency repairs 9.18 8.91 7.85 5.51 7.50
HSN5 Percentage of council dwellings that are energy efficient 99.26 99.69 99.48 99.93 97.15

Of the five indicators in this area three have improved in 2017/18 compared to 2016/17. Two indicators have declined slightly in performance. North Ayrshire performs well in this area compared to the national figures.

Compare our performance, against other councils, on the My Local Council website.

Customer satisfaction

The Housing Services tenant satisfaction survey identified:

  • 93% of tenants are satisfied with the overall service provided by their landlords against the 2018 Scottish average of 90.48%

  • 87.57 % of tenants are satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service against the 2018 Scottish average of 92.13%

  • 92.71% of tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home against the 2018 Scottish average of 90.24%.

The above results are excellent given the current economic climate, Welfare Reform legislation and social economic downturn.

Steps to improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our business and annual performance measures and actions are set within our Directorate Plan to achieve this.

90% of our Housing stock passes the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH). An improvement plan has been prepared to ensure that all of the properties are compliant with the standard by 2020.

We recognised that our non-emergency repairs performance of 7.85 days in 2016/17 was above the Scottish average of 7.52 days. In 2017/18 this measure was reviewed and corrective action put into place, resulting in improved performance of 5.51 days. This measure will continue to be reviewed.

How to get involved

We have worked in partnership with tenants for the last 15 years. We believe that by working in partnership with our customers, providing good information and listening to tenants that we can provide excellent housing services. Over the years, we have made great steps in developing a service that involves and consults with customers in a range of different ways.

One of the key aims of our new Customer Involvement and Empowerment Strategy is to ensure that everyone has a chance to get involved in a way that suits them. We haven't invested in one single approach to involvement; we have listened to our customers and offered choice by developing 3 levels of customer involvement to ensure effective engagement with our customers. This approach allows us to continue to work and listen to our tenants and customers in order to improves services and monitor and review our progress. The approach can be replicated by other social housing providers.

Some examples where customers have been involved are:

  • North Ayrshire Network

  • mystery shopping

  • inspection panel

  • service improvement groups

  • interested tenants register

  • fun days

  • social media

  • chips 'n' chat events