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Environmental services performance
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Environmental services performance

The following services are responsible for the delivery of environment related areas across North Ayrshire.


Streetscene undertakes strategic, statutory obligation and asset management responsibilities regarding physical assets and open space within the public realm.

Streetscene is responsible for:

  • litter clearing of the roads infrastructure
  • programmed street cleaning
  • open spaces and beaches
  • removal of fly-tipping and graffiti

The service provides a burials and bereavement service. They conduct over 800 interments and approximately 16,000 memorial inspections each year. 


Roads Service provides statutory and regulatory services in addition to the provision of front line services. The service manages the roads infrastructure in accordance with the strategy set out within the Roads Asset Management Plan.

The service is responsible for the maintenance of Council owned roads, footpaths, lighting columns and structures that don't form part of the adopted road network.


Waste Resources provides a waste collection and recycling service to 67841 households. A similar service is provided to approximately 1400 commercial waste producers, realising an annual income in excess of £1.6m.

We operate 4 Household Waste Recycling Centres, and a transfer station at Shewalton, Irvine and one in Brodick, Arran.

Our Waste Awareness Team:

  • provides guidance to households and businesses 
  • delivers talks and presentations to schools and community groups
  • encourages participation in recycling
  • shares information about the environmental impacts of waste, resource efficiency, and the Zero Waste challenge.

Protective Services

Environmental Health and Trading Standards form part of the Protective Services team within the Economic Growth Service which from April 2019 forms part of the Place Directorate.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health safeguards and regulates:

  • food safety
  • health and safety
  • pollution control
  • public health
  • port health
  • pest control
  • dog control.

Trading Standards

Trading Standards ensures legal compliance amongst businesses for the goods and service they provide. The service regulates animal welfare standards within North Ayrshire. 

Council Performance

There are 14 Environmental indicators in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework:

Environmental Services performance
Indicator Ref and Name2014/15 Value2015/16 Value2016/17 Value2017/18 ValueScotland Value 2017/18
ENV1a Net cost per Waste collection per premises 54.86 58.07 55.64 52.76 65.96
ENV2a Net cost per Waste disposal per premises 111.39 125.15 103.74 91.07 101.36
ENV3a Net cost of street cleaning per 1,000 population 15,666 15,494 15,065 13,690 15,452
ENV3c Street Cleanliness Score 92.31 95.80 90.60 92.19 92.20
ENV4a Cost of maintenance per kilometre of roads 10,371 11,407 11,430 11,357 10,519
ENV4b % of A class roads that should be considered for maintenance treatment 34.87 35.60 36.19 36.22 30.16
ENV4c %of B class roads that should be considered for maintenance treatment 34.75 33.56 36.83 39.25 35.90
ENV4d % of C class roads that should be considered for maintenance treatment 51.08 48.70 50.76 51.29 36.16
ENV4e % of unclassified roads that should be considered for maintenance treatment 36.67 35.44 34.55 35.18 38.99
ENV5a Cost of Trading Standards, Money Advice & Citizen Advice per 1,000 population 5,278 5,142 3,787 3,542 5,890
ENV5b Cost of environmental health per 1,000 population 12,441 13,826 13,772 10,818 15,496
ENV6 The % of total household waste arising that is recycled 56.50 56.00 55.31 55.79 45.60
ENV7a % of adults satisfied with refuse collection 57.33 88.33 87.67 87.67 78.67
ENV7b % of adults satisfied with street cleaning 78.00 79.67 78.33 76.67 69.67

Of the 14 indicators within this area, 9 have improved performance in 2017/18 compared to 2016/17. Four of the indicators have declined in performance.

Compare our performance against other councils on the My Local Council website.

Steps to improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our business and annual performance measures and actions are set within the delivery plan and operational plans 2019-20.

The Environmental Health team adopts best practice to ensure an effective and efficient service is maintained to help businesses and residents comply with existing and new legislation.

The Trading Standards team reviews service delivery and adopts best practice, where possible, to provide maximum impact for the community and deal with any issues which have the potential to cause harm to our businesses and residents.