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Economic growth performance
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Economic growth performance

The Economic Growth Service forms part of the Place Directorate. Teams within the service range across the Economic Development and Environmental Services categories of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

It includes:

  • Business Support and Development
  • Employability
  • Tourism and Coastal Economy
  • Planning
  • Protective Services (for benchmarking information see Environmental Services)
  • Regeneration
  • Commercial Estate

Our performance

There are 10 Economic indicators in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

Economic Growth performance
Indicator Ref and Name2014/15 Value2015/16 Value2016/17 Value2017/18 ValueScotland Value 2017/18
Econ1 Percentage of Unemployed People Assisted into work from Council Funded/ Operated Employability Programmes 16.31 8.23 14.67 22.72 14.40
Econ2 Cost per planning application 4719 4448 3859 4221 5087
Econ3 Average Time Per Commercial Planning Application 6.07 5.31 6.49 5.71 9.34
Econ4 % of procurement spent on local small/ medium enterprises 19.42 15.28 16.62 19.75 27.40
Econ5 No of
business gateway
start-ups per
10,000 population
20.96 15.43 22.37 22.39 16.83
Econ6 Cost of economic development & Tourism per 1,000 population 108,014 133,821 128,211 147,323 91,779
Econ7 Proportion of people earning less than the living wage 22.50 25.90 27.10 21.40 18.40
Econ8 Proportion of properties receiving superfast broadband 65.00 0.00 88.00 92.35 91.13
Econ9 Town vacancy rates 5.58 NA NA 9.99 11.49
Econ10 Immediately available employment land as a % of land allocated for employment purposes in the local development plan 5.73 7.22 7.19 63.03 40.78

Compare our performance, against other councils, on the My Local Council website.

Steps to improvement

Performance has improved as expected within the Council’s employability service as they reached full capacity in the final year of funding.

The cost per planning application has increased since 2016/17 however we continue to be below the national average. During this period the number of planning applications increased from 600 to 680 with the type and complexity of the applications varying significantly. Despite the increase in quantity, the average time per commercial planning application decreased and is well below the national average.

The cost of economic development and tourism per 1,000 population is a new indicator for 2017/18 and has increased. The integration of Business Gateway into the Council has now fed through into the figures. Tourism costs include policy, marketing and development as well promotional events, all of which positively impact the local economy.

Allied to the superfast broadband indicator, is a requirement to encourage more companies to trade online. This is of particular relevance to tourism in terms of online bookability. The tourism team have been working in partnership to target companies in scope.

Immediately available employment land as a percentage of total land allocated for employment is a new indicator for 2017-18. We have improved significantly from 29th to be ranked 6th. The amount of available land has increased from 7.19% to 63.03%. Developments at Annickbank and Quarry Road were completed during this period. This is an indicator that effectively shows the potential for inward investment and internal mobility.

Get involved

Find out more about:

The introduction of Locality Partnerships is empowering communities to improve services and develop opportunities.

The approach is regarded as best practice and is based on engagement and consultation with communities as outlined in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

The Community Planning Partnership website contains details on the localities and information on how to become involved in your Locality Partnership or Community Council.