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Culture and leisure services performance
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Culture and leisure services performance

From April 2019 the Connected Communities Service forms part of the Communities Directorate and contributes to all the performance indicators within the Culture and Leisure category of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

It includes:

  • Community Empowerment and Asset Transfer
  • Community Learning and Development
  • Community Planning Partnership
  • Community Facilities
  • Active Schools
  • Information and Culture
  • Sports and Activity

These services add value to people's lives through:

  • leading the development of the locality community planning approach, with a focus on creating equality
  • community empowerment and capacity building
  • contributing to inclusive growth through community economic development
  • supporting community asset transfer
  • participatory budgeting
  • libraries
  • culture and the arts
  • heritage museums
  • Eglinton Country Park
  • adult learning
  • youth services
  • community empowerment
  • active schools 
  • outdoor learning at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre

Leisure services are provided by partners KA Leisure, and include:

  • leisure centres
  • KA school sports campuses
  • golf courses
  • sports development
  • physical activity and health improvement programmes in conjunction with NHS Ayrshire & Arran

These services offer opportunities for lifelong learning.

They support:

  • wider achievement with young people
  • cultural and digital participation
  • life enriching volunteering
  • participation in sports and physical activity
  • developing community sports clubs

They link strategically to:

  • employability
  • tourism
  • community and individual development
  • the health and wellbeing agenda

Our performance

There are 8 Culture and Leisure indicators in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework:

Cost performance
Indicator Ref and Name2014/15 Value2015/16 Value2016/17 Value2017/18
Scotland Value 2017/18
C&L1 Cost per attendance at Sports facilities £2.25 £2.15 £3.38 £2.08 £2.71
C&L2 Cost Per Library Visit £1.52 £1.53 1.62 £2.30 £2.08
C&L3 Cost of Museums per Visit £0.39 £0.32 £0.29 £0.27 £3.49
C&L4 Cost of Parks& Open Spaces per 1,000 Population £32,401 £31,057 £30,009 £23,426 £19,803
Satisfaction performance
Indicator Ref and Name2012-15 Value2013-16 Value2014-17 Value2012-18
Scotland Value 2015-18
C&L5a % of adults satisfied with libraries 93.67 92.33 92 91 73
C&L5b % of adults satisfied with parks and open spaces 89.67 85.33 81 78.33 85.67
C&L5c % of adults satisfied with museums and galleries 86 76.67 74 71.33 70
C&L5d % of adults satisfied with leisure facilities 80.37 81.67 75 72.67 72.67

Of the 8 indicators in this area, 3 have improved performance in 2017/18 compared to 2016/17 while 5 have declined in performance. Performance in 4 of these indicators is better than the national figure.

Compare our performance against other councils on the My Local Council website.

Steps to improvement

Investment in new leisure facilities at Garnock Campus and the Portal is intended to increase customer satisfaction while delivering more cost effective services.

A combination of work by KA Leisure and Active Schools as well as the Active Communities Strategy have resulted in a rise in attendances. KA Leisure have a number of innovative health partnerships including recovery from Heart/Stroke and Mind and Be Active. The DrEAM (Drop Everything and Move) events attract significant social media engagement.

The Library Service has taken a deliberate approach to shift many of their services online. Following a recommendation by Internal Audit, social media interactions were removed from the cost per library visit indicator, so it now mostly records physical footfall. Aspirations are to sustain high satisfaction levels with a blend of innovative and traditional services, delivered by well trained staff. The introduction of programmes such as the pop-up digital events, DigiDabble, coding and Makerspaces have contributed to customer satisfaction and maintaining the second highest position in Scotland.

Investment in the Portal and the focus on co-curated exhibitions with local groups has resulted in the introduction of a high street heritage facility which is attracting significant footfall. The Heritage Centre roof repairs, alongside other scheduled restoration work, resulted in it being closed for most of the reporting period. A programme of exhibitions, classes and events has been launched with the new Townhouse.