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Culture and leisure services performance

The Connected Communities service is part of the Economy and Communities Directorate.

It includes:

  • Information and Culture
  • Community Development
  • Participation and Empowerment Services

These services add value to people's lives through:

  • leading the development of the locality community planning approach, with a focus on creating equality
  • community empowerment and capacity building
  • contributing to inclusive growth through community economic development
  • supporting community asset transfer
  • participatory budgeting
  • libraries
  • culture and the arts
  • heritage museums
  • Eglinton Country Park
  • adult learning
  • youth services
  • community empowerment
  • active schools 
  • outdoor learning at the Arran Outdoor Education Centre

Leisure services are provided by partners KA Leisure, and include:

  • leisure centres
  • KA school sports campuses
  • golf courses
  • sports development
  • physical activity and health improvement programmes in conjunction with NHS Ayrshire & Arran

These services offer opportunities for lifelong learning.

They support:

  • wider achievement with young people
  • cultural and digital participation
  • life-enriching volunteering
  • participation in sports and physical activity
  • developing local community sports clubs

They link strategically to:

  • employability
  • tourism
  • community and individual development
  • the health and wellbeing agenda

Our performance

There are eight Culture and Leisure indicators in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework:

Indicator Ref and Name2013/14 Value2014/15 Value2015/16 Value2016/17 ValueScotland Value 2016/17
C&L1 Cost per attendance at Sports facilities 2.25 2.15 2.07 3.32 2.81
C&L2 Cost Per Library Visit 1.48 1.44 1.47 1.57 1.97
C&L3 Cost of Museums per Visit 0.16 0.38 0.31 0.28 3.15
C&L4 Cost of Parks& Open Spaces per 1,000 Population 34312.01 30861.12 29817.09 29450.29 20431.66
Indicator Ref and Name2010-142012-15 Value2013-16 Value2014-17 ValueScotland Value 2014-17
C&L5a % of adults satisfied with libraries 92.73 93.67 92.33 92 74.67
C&L5b % of adults satisfied with parks and open spaces 85.5 89.67 85.33 81 86
C&L5c % of adults satisfied with museums and galleries 81.89 86 76.67 74 72
C&L5d % of adults satisfied with leisure facilities 80.37 81.67 75 72.33 74

Of the eight indicators in this area, two have improved performance in 2016/17 compared to 2015/16 while six have declined in performance.

However, our performance in seven of these indicators is better than the national figure.

Compare our performance against other councils on the My Local Council website.

Steps to improvement

The Portal and Garnock Campus opened in February and January 2017 respectively.

Kilwinning Academy Sports Pitch opened in October 2017 and is proving popular with new and existing groups. It is managed by KA Leisure (KAL).

The new Largs Campus opened to the public on 23rd April 2018.  It is expected these developments will have a positive impact on satisfaction going forward.

Our aspirations are to improve our museum satisfaction with the reopening of the Heritage Centre and establishment of the Townhouse.

Despite a 20% reduction in investment and contraction of 15% in opening hours, libraries maintain a strong performance and our aspirations are to maintain Quartile 1. A full programme of primary school visits and events from author visits to seasonal craft sessions, together with award-winning programmes like DigiDabble and Appiness keep the library services relevant to public needs and stimulate footfall.

We have invested in digital services to increase convenience for customers.

We also use methods such as Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen Blitz to analyse our processes and improve their efficiency.

How to get involved

The introduction of Locality Partnerships is empowering local communities to improve services and develop opportunities.

The approach is regarded as best practice and is based on engagement and consultation with communities as outlined in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. 

The Community Planning Partnership website contains details on the six localities in North Ayrshire with information about how to become involved in your Locality Partnership or Community Council.