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Corporate services performance

Corporate Services are provided by both the Directorate of Finance and Corporate Support and Democratic Services. Corporate Services include a range of back office specialist teams that support front line services to do their jobs and some customer facing functions. Services include the following areas: 

  • Financial Services
  • Revenues and Benefits
  • Corporate Procurement Unit
  • Internal Audit, Risk and Insurance, Performance and Corporate Fraud
  • Customer Service Centre, Registration Services and Contact Centre
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Information Technology
  • Committee Services
  • Communications and Member Services
  • Legal and Licensing Services
  • Community Planning
  • Policy and Performance
  • Service Reform
  • Information Governance
  • Civil Contingencies

Our performance

Of the 12 indicators in this group, 1 has improved in ranking during 2015/16, 3 indicators maintained the same rank, 1 new indicator was introduced, while 7 declined in rank.

North Ayrshire Council's percentage of support services as a total of gross expenditure was 2.50% in 2015/16 and was 2.46% in 2014/15, an increase in costs of 0.04%. The Council was in the top position out of the 32 Scottish Councils for both years and is in the top quartile. The Council continues to work towards minimising 'back office' services to ensure that front line services are maintained. The Scotland figure for 14/15 was 5.40% and 13/14 was 5.07%.

Women in senior posts

The trend towards more women in senior management roles continues. The proportion of women in this category has increased year on year and currently stands at 53.74% in 2015/16 and was 55.56% in 2014/15, a decrease of 1.82%. The Council was ranked 7th out of 32 Scottish Councils in 2015/16 and 6th in 2014/15.  The Scotland figure in 2015/16 was 51.89 % and was 51.66 % in 2014/15. The Council remains in the top quartile.

Gender Pay Gap

This indicator provides a picture of the gap in pay between men and women employed by the Council.

A positive figure indicates that male employees are, on average, paid more than female employees. A negative figure indicates that female employees are, on average, paid more than male employees.

In 2017/18 North Ayrshire Council reported a Gender Pay Gap of 1.53%.

Council Tax

The Council spent £10.43 per home on the collection of Council Tax during 2015/16 and £10.19 in 2014/15 and increase of £0.24. The Scotland figure in 2015/16 was £10.34 and 2014/15 was £10.95. The Council ranked 19th out of 32 Scottish Councils.

The Council Tax collection rate for 2015/16 was 94.68% compared to 94.63% in 2014/15. The Scotland figure was 95.66% in 2015/16 and in 2014/15 was 95.46%. The Council ranked 25th out of 32 Scottish Councils in 2015/16 and 24th in 2014/15. The Council is in the bottom quartile.


Invoices paid within 30 days performance has declined during 2015/16 with a figure of 92.50% compared to 93.64% in 2014/15 a decrease of 1.14%.  The Scotland figure was 92.77% in 2015/16 and was 92.52% in 2014/15. The Council ranked 18th out of 32 Scottish Councils in 2015/16 and 14th in 2014/15. The Council has moved from the second to the third quartile in 2015/16.


The Council's Full Time Equivalent (FTE) number of absence days due to sickness per teacher was 6.00 days in 2015/16 compared to 3.64 days in 2014/15 which is a decline of 2.36 days. The Scotland figure for 2015/16 was 6.12 days and for 2014/15 was 6.28 days. The Council ranked 14th out of 32 Scottish Councils in 2015/16 and is in the second quartile.

The Council's FTE number of absence days due to sickness per employee (excluding teachers) in 2015/16 was 9.87 days compared to 9.48 days in 2014/15, which is an increase of 0.19 days. The Scotland figure in 2015/16 was 10.63 days compared to 10.80 days in 2014/15. The Council ranked 9th in 2015/16 and is in the second quartile compared to ranking 6th in 2014/15 and in the top quartile. 

Corporate assets

There are only 2 indicators in this group. In the proportion of operational buildings that are suitable for their current use, our rank has improved from decreased from 5th in 2014/15 to 9th in 2015/16. Our performance remains better than the national figure. With the proportion of internal floor area of operational buildings in satisfactory condition, we maintained our performance and ranking, in 1st position. 

Compare our performance, against other councils, on the My Local Council website.

Steps to improvement

The Council has involved customers in focus groups to obtain practical feedback in relation to online services. From this feedback, development work is underway to streamline the customer journey making online services simpler to use and easier to find. Marketing campaigns will continue to promote online services.

Recruitment practices are monitored on an on-going basis. Equalities data is analysed, reviewed and reported to Council committees with appropriate actions as required. North Ayrshire Council is committed to ensuring that it is an equal opportunities employer.

Customers can register to access their council tax account online. The Council introduced ebilling and will continue to extend this to householders in 2017/18 to improve customer service and reduce costs.

The Council Tax Service has a dedicated debt recovery team it supports customers who have difficulty paying their Council Tax, and in some circumstances can offer repayment plans. North Ayrshire Council benchmarks its Council Tax performance against other Councils to identify good practice and ways of improving its collection level.

Invoice payments times are being improved by the use of technology such as procurement cards, and The Professional Electronic Commerce Ordering System (PECOS) are also being utilised to improve performance.

Absence reporting has been enhanced to identify trends using workforce analytics. Absence is monitored and managed in line with the Maximising Attendance Policy.

Our Corporate Fraud Team carries out investigations into Council Tax Fraud. The public can contact the team anonymously.

How to get involved

Comments can be submitted via Contact Us and by the complaints, suggestions and compliments section.