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Council structure

What we do

North Ayrshire Council's job is to ensure our area is a great place to work, live, visit and invest in. By working with our partners, we deliver local services ranging from education, social care and housing, to libraries, refuse collection and benefits.

Our structure

North Ayrshire Council employs over 6,500 staff. The council's most senior official is the Chief Executive, Craig Hatton.

Craig, along with the Executive Leadership Team, oversees the delivery of all of our services.

A new Chief Officer and Directorate Structure has been approved as the council continues to transform and streamline its services. 

The changes which are now underway will take effect in two phases. View Phase One (PDF, 1.3mb)and Phase Two (PDF,1mb) of our organisational changes to see how our Council is structured. 

The restructure will be completed in 2020/21, when the number of directorates and Executive Directors will reduce from four to two. One Head of Service post will be removed and a dedicated Director post, to deliver Growth and Investment, will be created. 

Phase one of the restructure sees the formation of two new Council directorates that reflect our two strategic themes of Communities and Place.  

Communities will comprise our all services delivered under Education and Youth Employment alongside those services currently delivered by Connected Communities. 

Place will comprise all services currently delivered by Place alongside Economic Development and Regeneration. 

To ensure the success of the recently approved Ayrshire Growth Deal, a dedicated position of Director of Growth and Investment has been created.   

The Health and Social Care Partnership will remain unaffected by these changes. However, they are currently recruiting for the Head of Service (Children, Families and Justice) and are giving consideration to the nature of the other vacant position, Head of Service (Health and Community Care). 

Phase one sees the Council divided into three core services, with a dedicated position of Director of Growth and Investment, plus the Health & Social Care Partnership: 

  • Communities
  • Place
  • Finance & Corporate Support
  • Health & Social Care Partnership

Each core service is led by an Executive Director who is supported by Heads of Services:

Executive Director - Communities (vacant) 

  • Head of Service (Education) x 2 
  • Head of Service (Connected Communities) 

Executive Director - Place (vacant) 

  • Head of Service (Commercial) 
  • Head of Service (Physical Environment) 
  • Head of Service (Economic Development & Regeneration ) 

Executive Director - Finance & Corporate Support 

  • Head of Service (Finance & Customer Service) 
  • Head of Service (People & Transformation) 

The Health & Social Care Partnership is led by a Director who is supported by Heads of Services: 

Director – Growth & Investment 

Director - Health & Social Care Partnership 

  • Head of Service (Children, Families & Justice) 
  • Head of Service (Health & Community Care) 
  • Head of Service (Mental Health) 
  • Head of Service (Finance & Transformation)