Keep it Local

Let’s be proud to 'Keep it Local'. Where we can, we will buy and spend locally and will support North Ayrshire businesses to do the same. We'd also like to encourage our communities to shop local, visit local and enjoy what’s on your doorstep.

 Proud to Keep it Local
Support our town centres and local businesses

‘Keep it Local’ forms part of an ongoing campaign to encourage local spend, investment and employment – supporting the Council’s Community Wealth Building strategy (PDF, 9mb).  

However, it’s not just about people shopping local. It’s also about businesses harnessing local suppliers and tapping into the skills and experience of the area’s workforce by employing local. 

Through our Community Wealth Building approach we will support local businesses to harness the power of local, and North Ayrshire’s ‘anchor’ organisations:

  • North Ayrshire Council
  • Police Scotland
  • Ayrshire College
  • the NHS

These organisation will all work together to invest, buy and employ locally when possible too.