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Who are the Community Wealth Building Expert Panel?

We have welcomed a team of leading economic experts to assist us with our ambitious Community Wealth Building plans. They are our Expert Panel.

As well as acting as a critical friend and sounding board, the Panel will help review our CWB Strategy as it moves forward.

Leading the Expert Panel will be:

  • Sarah Deas, Trustee, Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Scotland) and Visiting Professor, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Joining Sarah on the Expert Panel are:

  • Martin Avila, Chief Executive, Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS)
  • Miriam Brett, Director of Research and Advocacy, Common Wealth
  • Roz Foyer, General Secretary, Scottish Trade Union Council (STUC)
  • Joe Guinan, Vice President of Strategy and Programs and Executive Director of The Next System Project, The Democracy Collaborative 
  • Laurie Macfarlane, Fellow, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London (UCL) and Economics Editor, Open Democracy 
  • Neil McInroy, Senior Global Adviser and Community Wealth Building Fellow, The Democracy Collaborative 
  • Sarah McKinley, Director of Community Wealth Building Programs, The Democracy Collaborative 
  • James Wright, Policy Lead, Co-operatives UK