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Exams and qualifications (COVID-19)

Following the closure of schools and the announcement that the SQA examination diet has been cancelled and other SQA activity suspended, SQA issued some additional information.

It details how they plan to work with us to:

  • ensure that learners’ hard work is rightly and fairly recognised
  • allow them to proceed to further learning or work

Read the SQA's guidance for learners, parents and carers on certification.

We fully understand that this is an uncertain time for our learners who have worked hard throughout the year and are worried about what the current situation now means for them and their future.

Together with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), North Ayrshire Council remains committed to supporting you all at this exceptionally difficult time.

Alternative certification model

SQA have developed an alternative certification model for 2020 based on three broad principles:

  • fairness to all learners
  • safe and secure certification of our qualifications, while following the latest public health advice
  • maintaining the integrity and credibility of our qualifications system, ensuring that standards are maintained over time, in the interests of learners 

Estimated grades

Estimates will form an important, but not exclusive, part of the certification process.

Teachers across North Ayrshire are submitting pupils' estimated grades for qualifications, including National 5s and Highers, to the SQA.

SQA have now provided further clarity around the necessary processes to produce estimates which are fair and robust.

The estimates from teachers or lecturers were submitted to SQA by Friday 29 May and they will carry out further detailed analysis.

Results are due to be issued on Saturday 4 August.

We have been working in close partnership with SQA to ensure all results are available by this date. Our school staff are working hard to ensure that our young people are being accredited fairly.

We thank you for your understanding, patience and ongoing support as we work collectively to ensure the best for the young people of North Ayrshire.

Further information

Further statements and updates can be found via the SQA website.