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Council Tax (COVID-19)
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Council Tax (COVID-19)

We are experiencing periods of exceptionally high call volumes.

During these times and in order to meet our requirement to support our most vulnerable citizens, we may only deal with calls for critical services only.

If you have an enquiry relating to Council Tax, please visit the Council Tax section of our website. Here, you can access information including:

  • online application forms
  • the facility to defer your council tax payments

Alternatively you may contact us by email at

Council Tax bills

Council Tax bills for 2020/21 have been issued. These have understandably caused some concern amongst those who have:

  • been laid off
  • seen a reduction in their income or earnings as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are in this position, you are encouraged to apply for a Council Tax reduction using our online form as soon as possible.

We are experiencing high volumes of applications, which impact on call waiting times. Please only call to claim if you are unable to apply online.

We will be sympathetic to your circumstances. We can also provide a payments holiday or a period of reduced payments if this would be helpful.

We will not be pursuing legal action against people who cannot pay as a result of this emergency.

If you need our help please contact us by email at:

If you are unable to email, please contact:

  • Council Tax enquiries: 01294 310000
  • Debt Recovery Team: 01294 310131

As you will appreciate, our lines are likely to be busy. Please only call if you do not have access to email.

If you have a direct debit in place to pay by instalments, the first payment for the coming financial year was due to be deducted on your relevant payment date. This could be 1, 15 or 28 April 2020.

If your earnings are unaffected, you should continue to make your council tax payments as normal.

Council Tax phishing scam

We are reminding people to be on their guard against potential scams during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unscrupulous fraudsters are using the current situation to send emails which try to get people to part with their bank details.

One such phishing scam pretends to be from a legitimate Government account about receiving a Council Tax reduction.

These types of phishing scams are difficult to defend against, so awareness of how to spot such scams is the best defence.

See National Cyber Security Centre for more information on how to spot suspicious emails you might receive.

If you receive such an email, you can forward it to Once reported, they will assess it and take action to block it, where possible.

Read our guide on calls from North Ayrshire Council, which explains:

  • when we might call you
  • what we would and wouldn’t ask