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Upper Garnock Flood Protection Scheme

The latest project update (PDF, 1.2mb) from September 2021 is available.

The purpose of this scheme is to reduce the risk of flooding to the communities of the upper Garnock Valley and help protect the most vulnerable:

  • homes
  • businesses 
  • local services  

This is in response to the existing flood risk and recent history of flood events.

Construction works

Work to construct the Upper Garnock Valley Flood Protection scheme started on 11 August 2020. With a value of £12.6m, it is being undertaken by McLaughlin and Harvey with project management and support provided by Aecom. 

During construction all necessary measures will be taken in order to comply with the latest Scottish Government Covid19 construction guidelines 

The scheme provides flood protection using a combination of direct and indirect defence measures.

Opportunities to work on the Upper Garnock Flood Protection Scheme

McLaughlin & Harvey is working with North Ayrshire Council to ensure as many subcontractor and supplier opportunities are open to the local business community as possible.

We will be holding a virtual meet the buyer event on Friday 19 February 2021 between 9am and 10am.

Opportunities to work on the project will be available in a range of areas including:

  • Agricultural Drainage
  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring
  • Masonry
  • Road Surfacing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Piling
  • Civil Works
  • Injection Grouting
  • Landscaping
  • CCTV Surveys

Register your place by emailing UpperGarnockFPS@north-ayrshire.gov.uk

Works are divided into the following four areas: -

Area 1 – The upper storage area, Kilbirnie

The involves the construction of the flood storage dam across the River Garnock at Greenridge and Langlands Farms just north of Kilbirnie.  This will temporarily reduce river flow during periods of high rainfall, to reduce flood risk to properties downstream.

Initial work is being undertaken to improve Dipple Road, Kilbirnie to enable the passage of traffic to construct the dam.  Dam construction will commence in late August 2020 and is programmed to finish in early 2022.

Area 2 - Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Kilbirnie

Works at this location include the reinstatement of flood defence walls and the construction of a new flood defence embankment, in order to reduce flood risk to this area.

Construction at Paddockholm Industrial Estate is programmed to commence in September 2020 with completion in spring 2021. 

Area 3 – Powgree Burn, Glengarnock

Works at this location include the construction of a formal flood defence wall adjacent to the Powgree Burn and the Glendale Arms.  This will reduce flood risk to property in the vicinity.

Work is programmed to commence in February 2021 and finish in November 2021.

Area 4 – Mill Park, Dalry

In order to provide flood protection to the Mill Park development we are constructing a flood defence wall between the estate and Beith Road and a low flood defence embankment to the south.  The estate will be protected by the railway embankment to the east. This requires the construction of embankment stabilisation measures.  Limited works are also being undertaken to protect infrastructure within the DSM plant. 

Work is programmed to commence in January 2021 and finish in December 2021.


Summary of the construction programme (PDF, 261kb).

Community Liaison

Mclaughlin and Harvey have appointed a dedicated Community Liaison Officer to provide a direct point of contact for any queries and project updates.  If you have any queries they can be contacted on 07717 347320.  

Should you wish to contact North Ayrshire Council, any emails should be addressed to  UpperGarnockFPS@north-ayrshire.gov.uk 

Traffic Management Notifications

Beith Road, B714 Dalry (from the railway bridge to the entrance to Mill Park estate) will be closed in both directions from 4 May to 21 August 2021 or until such date as the works are completed, whichever is the earlier. Both the road and footpath will be closed for this period. Traffic will be diverted along the A737 Dalry bypass and into Dalry via Kilwinning Road and vice versa.

Dipple Road, Kilbirnie due to the construct of an on-line storage area (dam) within lands off Dipple Road there will be an increase in construction traffic on Dipple Road from May 2021 until November 2021 between the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

For queries and concerns relating to these works please contact Julie McCormack at Community Liaison on 07717 347 320 or email:  uppergarnockfloodprotectionscheme@mclh.co.uk

Community Benefits

As well as the obvious benefit provided by reduced flood risk, the construction works  contract will deliver:

  • employment opportunities for local people and small businesses.
  • liaison with schools to provide educational opportunities
  • support for a local community project


This scheme is included in the Ayrshire Flood Risk Management Strategy and Local Flood Risk Management Plan, as a flood management action. It has been awarded 80% Scottish Government funding through the national prioritisation process.

Design Information

View a presentation of the detailed design and scheme overview 

Dam visualisations

We have produced visualisations of the completed dam which 
will sit just north of Kilbirnie.

Mocked up visualisation of the completed dam

The southern aspect of the new dam located just north of Kilbirnie.

Kilbirnie Dam Visualisation

The northern aspect of the new dam looking south towards Kilbirnie.  

Construction progress  

Aerial drone images showing progress at construction sites:

Area 1 – Kilbirnie – 12 May 2021 

 Area 1 - Kilbirnie - 12 May 21

  Area 2 – Kilbirnie – 12 May 2021 

Area 2 - Kilbirnie - 12 May 21 

Overview - 12 May 2021

Upper Garnock fps - Overview - May 21