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Millport Coastal FPS
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Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

On the 10th November 2020 the Cabinet reached the final decision and confirmed the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme without modification, agreed the indicative project timescale and approved the commencement of the final design of the scheme.

The Scheme became operational on 13 January 2021 and the detailed design development started. North Ayrshire Council is developing the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme with close community involvement.

The Council would like to update local residents on the progress we have made since the outline design was completed with regards to the engineering and landscape design development. We now seek the community`s opinion on the appearance, seating arrangements, colours and textures of the proposed seawalls and promenade.

The Council’s Heritage Team is also working with us to explore how we can enhance the aesthetic of the flood walls and promenade; however this element would require additional funding to be secured.

The community consultation events will be held online via the Zoom platform and are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

Wednesday 21 April 2021:

Join Zoom Meeting - Millport Coastal FPS Consultation Session 1 

Meeting ID: 843 7336 1910

Passcode: kP1R04

3.00pm - 4.00pm: Presentation on Flood Protection Scheme (Design, landscape and heritage)

4.00pm - 5.00pm Questions & Answers session

Friday 23 April 2021:

Join Zoom Meeting - Millport Coastal FPS Consultation Session 2

Meeting ID: 884 0499 4059

Passcode: Hhc0dB

11.00am - 12.00 noon Presentation on Flood Protection Scheme (Design, landscape and heritage)

12.00 noon - 1.00pm Questions & Answers session

View the consultation presentations:

A questionnaire (PDF, 742kb) on the community consultation is also available.

View the outline design drawings 

There will be lots of opportunity for open discussion with the project team throughout the consultation events.

Samples of coloured concrete walls with different textures can be viewed in The Garrison, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, KA28 0DG.

Comments can be made using online questionnaires or by a limited number of paper questionnaires provided at Garrison House. 

Following the public consultation, all comments on the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme should be submitted by 24 May 2021. A collection box for the feedback questionnaire will be placed at Garrison House.

Environmental Statement 

The findings of the environmental impact assessment have been set out in an Environmental Statement.

View the topics and non-technical summary of all chapters

Benches and Memorial Plaques 

North Ayrshire Council surveyed the benches and identified 146 memorial plaques along the promenade of which we have contact details for only 100 families. 

We have compiled a list of memorial plaque names and messages for which we could not find contacts in our register. View the list (PDF, 183kb and If you recognise your family member’s memorial plaque, please email us at to provide a contact name and address. This will enable us to carry out a separate consultation on the future of the memorial plaques. If you do not recognise the name and message on the list, you are already registered, and you will be contacted by North Ayrshire Council and invited to a targeted consultation regarding the relocation of the memorial plaques. 

There will be no changes to the promenade and benches in 2021. (Presently the proposed construction start is Summer 2022.) We will not make any changes without carrying out prior consultation with the affected families. 

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