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Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

The Scheme Notification Consultation is now closed, however we will consider relevant late objections to the Scheme.

North Ayrshire Council is developing the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme with close community involvement.

The Millport Coastal FPS has reached the major milestone Scheme Notification (PDF, 144kb) stage, which involves public consultation and approval by the Scottish Government.   

As part of the approval process for flood protection schemes under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, the proposed scheme has been notified and the scheme documents published.  This is to enable Millport residents, local businesses, landowners and statutory organisations (SEPA, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Scottish Water) to comment on the scheme design. 

Notification of the start of the FPS process has been given to owners, tenants and occupiers of land needed for the scheme. The notice has also been published in the Edinburgh Gazette and the local newspaper and as public notices. 

The scheme documents include: 

The scheme documents are available to view at Millport Library in Garrison House, and at the North Ayrshire Council offices in Cunninghame House, Irvine.   

Anyone has the right to object or make representations to the published proposals, within 28 days of the date of publication of the scheme notification in the local newspaper

Objections can be made by writing to:

  • Flood Risk Management team
    North Ayrshire Council
    Cunninghame House
    KA12 8EE

For the Millport Coastal FPS to progress, it will require community support.  Any formal objections to the scheme during the statutory consultation process could result in significant delays to the delivery of the scheme and could prevent the scheme from being approved by Scottish Government, thereby losing the investment opportunity provided by the scheme. 

Environmental Statement 

The findings of the environmental impact assessment have been set out in an Environmental Statement, which is publicly available alongside the other scheme documents, on the North Ayrshire Council Flooding website and as a printed copy at Millport Library and North Ayrshire Council’s offices.   

The Environmental Statement considers the following topics and includes a non-technical summary of all chapters: 

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF, 1.1mb)

Chapter 2 Policy and Legislation (PDF, 659kb)

Chapter 3 EIA Methodology and Consultation (PDF, 3.65mb)

Chapter 4 Site Selection and Assessment of Alternatives (PDF, 1.28mb)

Chapter 5 Project Description (PDF, 1mb)

Chapter 6 Marine Geology Oceanography Physical Processes (PDF, 3.41mb)

Chapter 7 Marine Water and Sediment Quality (PDF, 2.08mb)

Chapter 8 Benthic Ecology (PDF, 4.60mb)

Chapter 9 Fish and Shellfish Resource (PDF, 1.39mb)

Chapter 10 Marine Mammals (PDF, 4.3mb)

Chapter 11 Offshore and Coastal Ornithology (PDF, 6.51mb)

Chapter 12 Commercial Fisheries (PDF, 1.23mb)

Chapter 13 Commercial Recreational Navigation (PDF, 3.85mb)

Chapter 14 Infrastructure and Utilities (PDF, 1.68mb)

Chapter 15 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (PDF, 4.45mb)

Chapter 16 Terrestrial Ecology (PDF, 4.87mb)

Chapter 17 Ground Conditions and Contamination (PDF, 803kb)

Chapter 18 Water Resources Flood Risk (PDF, 2.18mb)

Chapter 19 Noise and Vibration (PDF, 1.48mb)

Chapter 20 Traffic and Transport (PDF,10.81mb)

Chapter 21 Air Quality (PDF, 1.33mb)

Chapter 22 Seascape Landscape Visual Impact (PDF, 12.16mb)

Chapter 23 Tourism Recreation (PDF, 2.13mb)

Chapter 24 Summary and Conclusions (773kb)

View the expected timescale (PDF, 1.24mb) for progressing the scheme 

The following video provides a visualisation of what the proposed scheme would look like. 

Please note: In order to view the video on fullscreen please press the YouTube button at the bottom of the iPlayer.