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We work in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to provide flood protection information, flood alerts and flood warnings to the residents of North Ayrshire.

Is my property at risk?

SEPA's flood maps show sources and potential impacts of flooding and whether the area where you live is at risk.

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009

National strategies and local plans set out how flooding will be tackled and the impact of unpredictable weather reduced.

Flood Risk Management Strategy

Flood risk management strategy, Ayrshire (PDF, 16.4mb) - submitted for Ministerial approval, December 2015.

Local Flood Risk Management Plan

The Local Flood Risk Management Plan details how and when the actions to deliver the goals set in the Flood Risk Management Strategy are to be delivered (2016 to 2022).

Flood messages to your phone

Register with Floodline using the postcode you want to receive messages for. It's free!

Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan

A Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) has been developed for the Ayrshire Coastline. This is an assessment of the shoreline and the risks posed by coastal processes, like flooding and erosion.

The Ayrshire SMP extends from Skelmorlie to the Galloway Burn, on the north-east edge of Loch Ryan. The islands of Arran and Great Cumbrae are included.

Upper Garnock Flood Protection Scheme

The scheme will reduce the risk of flooding from the River Garnock and as a result, prevent disruption to local people's lives and reduce the risk to nearby roads, homes and businesses.

Initial consultant led investigations on the flood risk to the Upper Garnock area were carried out. These resulted in initial flood protection options.

AECOM Ltd. were appointed, in December 2012, to build on work carried out by previous consultants to develop a flood protection scheme for the Upper Garnock Valley. This involved extensive modelling and public consultation to arrive at an outline design. This includes construction of a dam and water retention basin, on the line of the River Garnock, just north of Kilbirnie. 

More minor works will be carried out in the Paddockholm area of Kilbirnie, on the Powgree Burn in Glengarnock, and adjacent to the DSM plant in Dalry.

A flood wall and other measures are planned around the Mill Park residential estate in Dalry. These measures will provide effective and cost efficient flood protection.

Ground investigation work is due to begin in mid October 2017. The results will feed into the design stage in early 2018 with construction starting in 2019.

The scheme was formally confirmed on a preliminary basis with the Scottish Government in August 2017. In light of outstanding objections, North Ayrshire Council is required to hold a public hearing. Time taken to conclude the public hearing may delay the start of construction.

View outline design drawings:

Millport coastal flood protection scheme

Royal Haskoning DHV has been appointed to outline and design the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme. 

The aim is to collect data and information to design the scheme and to review and understand any risks. This will help optimise the scheme layout and overarching design criteria. 

The outline design stage has started. It is progressing as follows:

  • Surveys of ground levels and sea bed levels completed.  
  • We are obtaining details of the underground utilities.  
  • Ground conditions assessment throughout Millport completed. Prepare scope of work for ground investigation.  
  • Review of environmental issues nearing completion.
  • Seek comments and recommendation from environmental organisations. 
  • Numerical models to be set up to determine wave conditions in Millport Bay. Use models to design scheme. 
  • Considerations are ongoing regarding potential opportunities for the regeneration of the Millport Pier as part of the flood protection scheme.
  • Public consultation December 2016
  • Ground Investigation (PDF, 446kb) began 16 January 2017

Further information:

Email your views on the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme to MillportCoastalFPS@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Flood warning areas

Programmed inspections

During inspections, any clearance work or repairs are assessed and prioritised. If no immediate action is needed, they are added to our schedule of clearance and repair works.

Inspection schedule

Flood Protection

Who's responsible for what?

North Ayrshire Council's duties

Under the Flood Risk Management Act 2009, we have a duty to:

  • assess relevant bodies of water to determine whether their condition increases the risk of flooding
  • prepare a schedule of works if we find a flood risk and have reason to believe clearance and repair works would substantially reduce this risk
  • make such schedules of work publicly available
  • carry out prevention works within the schedule where we see fit
  • provide SEPA information on our rivers and coastline to help them produce national flood warnings
  • work with other local authorities to produce local flood risk management plans

Report flooding on a public road

Property owners' duties

Owners have a responsibility to prevent flooding to their properties.

Individuals with a watercourse within the property boundaries, including piped watercourses, have a responsibility to allow the unrestricted flow of this water through the property. You must keep the watercourse clear of obstructions to reduce the risk of flooding.

North Ayrshire Council has the same duty to maintain watercourses on its land.

If your property has been affected by flooding, complete a 

Flooding incident report

SEPA's duties

If SEPA thinks an area is at risk, they must:

  • provide a flood warning service
  • carry out a national assessment of flood risks
  • produce flood risk and hazard maps

Floodline is a 24 hour information service, providing updates on river, tidal, rainfall and weather forecasts.

Flood Re

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