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eProcurement is the electronic method of procuring goods and services. It includes:

  • Integra (P2P System)
  • Corporate Procurement Cards.

How does it affect suppliers?

Orders placed on Integra automatically generate a purchase order, to the supplier, via email. The order will be universal format - Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document which can be opened on any computer

We prefer email for efficiency. If you don't have access to either, a paper copy can be created.

Your company doesn't need to be involved with Integra. All administration is completed by our eProcurement team. 

Once your company has been through the procurement process we'll ask you to complete a form to add you to the system. We can then place any orders. 

For more information on Integra or eProcurement please contact us.

Contact eProcurement



  • 01294 324743