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Advertising on Tourism Assistant uniforms

Advertising on Tourism Assistant uniforms in Largs provides a cost-effective and unique opportunity for local businesses to raise their profile with residents and visitors alike.

The team of Tourism Assistants provide a highly valued and visible service as the first point of contact and ambassadors for the town providing a presence and welcoming meet and greet service to visitors and residents to Largs. They will help advise, guide, inform and direct people to improve the visitor experience and facilitate quicker access to:

  • retail outlets
  • tourist attractions
  • amenities
  • events

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With 3 Tourism Assistants working on weekends at peak periods, business adverts will be prominent and reach a wide and varied audience for the season.

The benefits to the advertiser include creating brand awareness, maintaining high profile and establishing a conversation piece between customers and Tourism Assistants that will lead to increased custom.

For local businesses, advertising on Tourism Assistants uniforms in Largs is a great way to promote your business and encourage residents and visitors to take their custom to you.


3 Tourism Assistants will be working in Largs Town Centre predominately in and around the Sea Front area for 15 weekends from 16 July 2022 onwards between 11am and 3pm.


Taking an advert on a Tourism Assistants uniform is just £120 excluding VAT for 30 days for the season. 

Paying advertising fees is easy. Once your invoice is received, click the button and enter your payment details.

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For more information and to reserve an advertisement, please contact our Customer Services Team on 01294 310000 or email contactus@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.