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Taxi Fare Scales Review

Do you use Taxis? Are you a Taxi Operator? Do you want to have a say on the Taxi Fares in North Ayrshire? 

If so, email us on naclicensingresponses@north-ayrshire.gov.uk no later than 12 noon on Friday 7 October 2022.

If you have a Taxi Licence, please give your Licence Number (like "TL/123").

The Law

The Council set the Scales for the maximum fares and other charges for Taxis (fares and charges for Private Hire Cars are not set by the Council). These are maximum charges - a Taxi Driver can always agree with the passenger before the journey starts:

  • to charge lower fares, or
  • to charge a fixed rate (so long as it is not higher than the Council's Scales)

The Council only set fares inside North Ayrshire, so charges for journeys to the airports must be agreed between the passenger and the driver.

The Council have to review the Scales at least every 18 months, counted from the date when the current Scales took effect. The current Scales in North Ayrshire took effect on 24 May 2021, so the last day to review the Scales is 24 November 2022.

Part of the review process includes consultation with the Trade, and then with the public. So the committee:

  • met the Taxi Trade on 13 June 2022 and
  • approved draft Scales for publication and consultation on 17 August 2022

The Draft Scales

The draft scales are available for you to view.

This is only a draft and has been prepared to assist discussion. The Council have not fixed the Scales. This draft was approved by the Licensing Committee only for the purpose of the public consultation. The Committee will not make a decision on what the Scales should be until after the public have had a chance to give their views.

The Licensing Committee will meet on Monday 24 October 2022 to discuss the draft and any comments from the public, and they will then decide what the Scales will be.

The effect of the proposed Scales is to increase the overall fares. The main changes are:

  • Tariff 1 starting charge (called "the flagfall") increases from £3.20 to £3.50 (30p)
  • Tariff 1 mileage charge increases from £2 to £2.30 (30p)
  • Tariff 1 waiting charge (up to 10") increases from £3.20 to £3.50 (30p)
  • Tariff 2 starting charge (called "the flagfall") increases from £3.50 to £4 (50p)
  • Tariff 2 mileage charge increases from £2 to £3 (100p)
  • Tariff 2 waiting charge (up to 10") increases from £3.50 to £4 (50p)