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Taxi and Private Hire Driver and Operator Support Fund Grant
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Taxi and Private Hire Driver and Operator Support Fund

You might qualify for a grant payment from the 'Taxi and Private Hire Driver and Operator Support Fund 2021-22'. This is a different grant from the 'Taxi and Private Hire Driver Support Fund' grant, and you can still get it if you've had the first £1,500 grant.

We will need to know the bank account and Sort Code that you want the payment to go to. We might ask you for documents to support your claim. If we do, we will not pay until we see them.

Contact us by email at

Please note: Application forms for Operator grant support must be received by us by 4pm on Friday 16 July 2021.

Can I get a grant?

There are different rules if you are:

  • a Driver (you have a 'Taxi Driver's Licence' or a 'Private Hire Car Driver's Licence' - your Licence will have a number like TDL/123 or PHCDL/123)
  • an Operator (you have a 'Taxi Licence' or a 'Private Hire Car Licence' - your Licence will have a number like TL/123 or PHC/123)

Information for Drivers and Operators

How can I send documents?

If your document is already a computer file (often this is called a 'PDF') you can attach it to an email. For example, you can download a PDF bank statement if you have online banking.

If you only have paper documents, you can photograph them and attach them to an email.

If you need to keep the file size down, you can:

  • take a photo of the document on a phone or tablet
  • view the image on the screen
  • take a screenshot of the image
  • check that the screenshot is legible, then attach that to the email. The file will be much smaller than the original photo

How does the grant affect my Tax?

Grant income received by an individual or business is taxable, so grants will need to be included as income in the tax return of the individual or business.

Only individuals or businesses that make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax.

Payments will fall into the 2021/22 tax year (whereas payments made under the first 'Taxi and Private Hire Driver Support Fund' will fall into the 2020/21 tax year). Unincorporated businesses will be taxed when they receive the grant income.

For the driver element, any individual who is eligible for and receives a grant through their status as an employed taxi or private hire driver (rather than self-employed) must register for Self-Assessment and declare the grant as additional income received through their employment. Information on self assessment tax returns is available from the UK Government. 

How does the grant affect my State Benefits?

Grants will be regarded as capital by the Department for Work and Pensions.

If you get a grant and you get working age benefits you must declare the grant to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in order to have it taken into account when calculating your benefit entitlements.

This could mean you need to pay some money back to DWP, or that your future payments are reduced. You may also be able to deduct some business expenses. How this affects you depends on your circumstances. You may wish to contact DWP to confirm how it would affect you.

If you receive Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit, you must report this grant to the benefits or council tax service.

Are payments capped?

Payments under the 'Taxi and Private Hire Driver and Operator Support Fund 2021-22' are capped by each individual local council at £10,000 in total for both elements (Drivers and Operators), with the exception of owner/operators with fifty or more vehicles.

Why does the grant scheme mention Tax Havens?

We can't pay grants to people linked to 'Tax Havens'.

A 'Tax Haven' is a place outside the European Union. These places are listed on the European Union website under non-cooperative jurisdictions.

That list:

  • does not include any part of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • applies even after BREXIT
  • applies to this grant because of Section 16(7) of the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No. 2) Act 2020

The 'Tax Haven' rule applies because of a Scottish Parliament Act, and does not depend on the UK's membership of the EU.

Will I have to repay the grant?

No, unless we think that any information you have given us in not correct. If we think this, you will have to repay the grant and we might inform the Police.

Where can I get more information?

Further details on the Taxi and Private Hire Driver and Operator Support Fund can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.