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Operators TPHDO Support Fund Information
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Operators TPHDO Support Fund Information

If you are a Taxi or Private Hire Car Operator, you may be eligible for a grant of between £1,000 - £15,000 depending on the number vehicle licences you hold.

Please note: Application forms for Operator grant support must be received by us by 4pm on Friday 16 July 2021.

What do I have to give you?

Bank statement (for grant payment) dated within the last 3 months. It must be in your name, or that of the business.

What else you need depends on whether you are an individual or are claiming for an organisation:

  • Sole Trader - HMRC registration, self-assessment documents or valid business insurance document
  • Limited Company - Certificate of Incorporation (with Companies House registration number)
  • Partnership - Partnership agreement or HMRC registration
  • Trust - Constitution documents, HMRC registration or VAT registration document.

Who is eligible?

You must meet these criteria:

  • an individual or company must hold a Council Licence as at 3 June 2021; one claim per vehicle - if a number of individuals hold a Licence jointly, there can be only one grant
  • you must have experienced loss of income (50% of turnover, compared with 2019) and incurred overhead costs and expenses
  • you must meet the "Other eligibility criteria" (these apply to both Drivers and Operators): you must give us documentation to substantiate each:
    • you must not have breached wider COVID regulations/requirements
    • you must not have connections to tax havens
    • you may be required to declare all previous support received from UK or Scottish or Local Government support schemes to provide local authorities with the necessary information to ensure payments are made correctly and compliant with EC State Aid limits/UK Government subsidy control policies

What can I get?

The grant is based on the number of vehicle licences each Operator holds:

  • Operators with one vehicle - a single award of £1,000.
  • Operators with two to nine vehicles - a single award of £3,000.
  • Operators with 10 - 49 vehicles - a single award of £7,000.
  • Operators with 50 or more vehicles – a single award of £15,000.

I don't currently have a vehicle on my Licence. Can I get a grant?

No. A company, partnership, sole trader or trust holding a taxi or private hire car Licence awarded in principle with no vehicles attached is not eligible for the Operator grant.

When will I get the grant?

All eligible vehicle licence holders are invited to claim and send relevant supporting information and bank details. Local councils will make payments if they:

  • have received any relevant supporting information required, and
  • are satisfied the eligibility criteria have all been met

Payments will be made into a business bank account, where possible, and personal accounts.