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Problems paying non-domestic (business) rates 

Let us know if you're having difficulties, we may be able to arrange another way to pay. 

You may be eligible for non-domestic rates relief.

Reminder notice

If you fail to make a payment, we'll send a reminder notice which will ask for the outstanding amount to be paid within 7 days.

What happens if I don't pay?

By 30 September, if you've not paid the equivalent of 4 monthly instalments, you'll lose the right to pay by instalment. A final notice for the full rates balance will be issued.

After 30 September, if you've received a reminder notice and don't pay the balance, a final notice will be issued.

If you don't pay the final notice within 14 days, an application will be made to the Sheriff Court for a Summary Warrant. At this stage a statutory 10% of the amount you owe will be added to your arrears.

A summary warrant gives us powers to:

  • freeze a bank account
  • carry out diligence and attachment
  • undertake an earnings arrestment 

We work in partnership with Stirling Park, Sheriff Officers to collect all arrears that have reached summary warrant.

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