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Arranging a burial

In North Ayrshire you can only buy a grave (or lair) from us when arranging a burial or an interment of ashes. We have a policy of no pre-purchasing of lairs.

Under Scottish Law, when you buy a lair you buy the Exclusive Right of Burial in the lair. This means that you do not own the land but have bought the right to be buried there. This includes the right to erect a memorial. The land stays in the ownership of the burial authority or council. These rights are sold in perpetuity and may be transferred at any time using a legal procedure with the approval of the council.

A lair will accommodate up to 3 burials and up to 6 caskets of cremated remains, although this is dependent on ground conditions and other factors.

For the council to check if there is room in a family plot for further burials, we would need to know the details of the plot such as:

  • the lair number
  • title deeds
  • dates of previous interments


2017-18 (effective 1 April 2017)
ServiceFeeSaturday/ Public Holiday Fee
Purchase of exclusive right of burial (new lair) £570  
Purchase of exclusive right of burial - cremated remains only (new lair) £201  
Purchase of exclusive right of burial - cremated remains only in Garden of Remembrance (new lair) £201  
Purchase of exclusive right of burial (woodland area) £570  
Purchase of exclusive right of burial (private baby lair) £201  
Interment of child under 16  no charge  no charge
Interment of 16 and over* £570 £885
Interment of cremated remains* £201 £301.50
Interment in common ground £218  
Disinterments  £838  
Duplicate of title deeds £18   
Transfer of title deeds  £18   
Memorial foundation  £152  
Plaque for memorial bench price on application  

*Interments on a Saturday, or Public Holiday will be subject to a 50% surcharge.

For further clarification on the above, contact Bereavement Services.

Transferring title deeds

In order to transfer the title deeds for a lair and assess how much space, if any, is available in the lair, we need to:

  • check the title deeds for the section and lair number
  • know who is buried in the lair and if possible, the date of burial

To transfer a lair you must complete a transfer document. Contact us for advice and to request this. There is a fee of £18 to transfer title deeds.

If you wish to sell a lair which has not been used for burial, back to the council, you will need the lair's original title deeds. We will then refund the amount paid at the time of purchase. Please note: it is an offence to sell a lair to anyone other than the council. 

Contact us to sell a lair.

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