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Waste reduction

In North Ayrshire, we are exceeding Scottish Government targets set for recycling rates, but we are still generating a lot of rubbish.

We can all cut the amount of rubbish we produce and throw away by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling:

  • Reduce – firstly, try to reduce the rubbish we make
  • Reuse – secondly, try to reuse the rubbish that we do make
  • Recycle – thirdly, try to recycle or compost to make our rubbish into some new and useful
  • Energy Recovery - heat and energy released, by burning rubbish in a controlled furnace, is captured and used in nearby houses or fed into the national grid
  • Landfill - if rubbish can't be processed in any of the above ways, it is likely to end up in landfill.

Waste Saving Tips


  • buy in bulk, save money and reduce waste - did you know that packaging makes up 30% of the weight, and 50% of waste, by volume? 
  • check out how to  reduce food waste.
  • repair goods rather than replacing with new items
  • buy concentrated forms of items like washing-up liquid and laundry detergent.


Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company offers a free uplift service for quality reusable furniture and white goods. Call freephone 0800 221 8083, or drop off items at any mainland  Recycling Centre

  • wash and reuse food and drink containers
  • choose returnable, reusable, or refillable products
  • join the  Real Nappy Incentive Scheme - did you know that disposable nappies can take from 200-500 years to decompose, producing noxious methane gas in the process?
  • buy from charity shops and re-use organisations
  • take reusable bags and containers when shopping
  • use a mug, or water bottle, at work instead of plastic cups from the dispenser at the water cooler
  • buy items made from recycled content
  • use and reuse as much as you can, for example, fill both sides of every page in a notebook before moving on to the next one
  • buy quality clothing that won't wear out and can be handed down to friends and family, or to charity
  • donate clothes and bric-a-brac to your favourite high street charity shop.


Stop unwanted mail

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