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Commercial waste and recycling
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Commercial waste and recycling

March Commercial Waste invoicing error

Charges for general waste collections and recycling collections have been issued on separate invoices for March 2021. Customers may receive two invoices, rather than one. The total value of the charges due aren’t impacted, the total has been separated across 2 invoices.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Refuse collection for local businesses

We operate a wheeled bin system for the collection of commercial waste. Businesses should have proper bins to store waste.

Trade waste recycling

Businesses who receive a trade waste collection service can apply for additional bins for mixed recycling and food waste.

A blue bin collection service is available for recycling:

  • cans - steel and aluminium food/drink cans
  • aluminium foil/trays - clean, free from food residue
  • cardboard - no food residue
  • paper - office and computer paper, telephone directories, envelopes, newspapers, magazines, junk mail
  • Tetra Pak - juice/soup cartons
  • plastic bottles - plastic containers for milk, soft drinks, cooking oil, washing-up liquid, detergent
  • glass containers/bottles

A Food Waste Service is available, and compulsory, to any business producing more than 5kg of food waste per week.

Household Waste Recycling Centres are not open to businesses.

Non domestic rates payable to the local authority do not include payment for trade waste collection and disposal.

Self-catering/holiday home accommodation 

Waste produced at self-catering/holiday home/AirBnB type accommodation is defined as commercial waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (Scotland) Regulations 2014 and should not be collected as a part of the domestic waste collection services. 

If such properties are paying non domestic rates, all refuse and recycling uplifts will be charged commercial refuse and recycling rates. The Council reserves the right to consult with the Non Domestic Rates section to verify if a property is listed in their records.

Right stuff in the Right bin

We don't collect

  • cooking oil
  • animal by-products
  • asbestos
  • poisonous/noxious/toxic or other hazardous material

For guidance business waste prevention and disposal, please contact us.


warning tags for wheelie bins

We won't collect bins with recyclables, or food waste, if they are contaminated with non recyclable items. We'll put a red tag on your bin to tell you why your bin has not been emptied. You should remove the wrong items and the tag and put your bin out for the next collection day.

Before collection service starts

A Council Officer will visit your business to assess needs.

You must complete and sign a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and Service Agreement. 

Charges are 1 month in advance. Services are VAT free. We issue a monthly invoice, calculated according to:

  • size of bin supplied
  • frequency of collection.

Every organisation and business has a Duty of Care (a legal responsibility) for waste they generate. 


To apply for commercial waste collection and recycling, please contact us.

Pay online

Pay commercial waste invoice


Only wheeled containers of a style approved by us can be used for the storage and presentation of commercial waste to be collected by the council. Containers should not be overfilled and lids should be closed.

Your company will be responsible for repair, maintenance or renewal of containers. This includes normal wear and tear during provision of the service. If containers are unfit or unsafe, we will notify you that the service will be suspended until your company makes repairs or arranges a replacement. Your company is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the container, inside and out.

Wheeled containers available
Wheeled bin sizeCost per emptyApprox capacity in sacksDimensions (mm) (approx) Height x width x depth
140 litre (organic food waste only) P.O.A 1 - 2 1060 x 505 x 555
240 litre P.O.A 2 - 3 1060 x 580 x 740
360 litre P.O.A 4 - 5 1120 x 600 x 850
500 litre (organic food waste only) P.O.A 6 - 8 1095 x 1290 x 720
660 litre P.O.A 9 - 11 1370 x 1250 x 720
1100 litre P.O.A 12 - 15 1400 x 1200 x 1080
1280 litre P.O.A 16 - 18 1470 x 1260 x 985

Access arrangements

Access should be available for collection vehicles and operatives at collection times. This includes the unlocking of gates or doors before collection. Do not block the pavement or roadway.

If needed, a temporary 'no parking – keep clear – refuse collection access' sign or similar deterrent should be displayed in a prominent position. We may charge extra where access is not available and a return visit is needed to complete collection.

Your company should keep the vehicular access surface, container storage and loading route surfaces as a hard standing of good condition, free from ruts, potholes and other obstacles which may impede the safe movement of the collection vehicle and / or container. Your company shall indemnify the council against any damage its collection vehicle may cause to property if the vehicle is required to enter to empty your company’s container(s).

Bin Lid Locks

Commercial 660, 1100 and 1280 litre wheeled bins are fitted with a lid lock as standard. We don't provide locks for 140, 240 and 360 litre plastic wheeled bins. Locks can be purchased from a number of online suppliers. Please note: bins must be unlocked on collection day.

Cancel the service

You must give 1 month notice, in writing, no earlier than the second last month of the contract period.

If your company changes ownership it is the responsibility of the representative of the company whose signature appears on the Service Agreement, or their successor, to give the council 1 month notice of the date of changeover, and the name of the new owner. The company is liable for refuse collection charges until 1 month after we receive notification.

A new owner must sign a new Service Agreement. If payment is not received within 6 weeks of invoice date, the service will be withdrawn. We have the right to recover any outstanding amount owed.


Businesses in Scotland have a responsibility to recycle the waste that they produce, as per the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012. Sepa - Duty of care - Zero Waste guidance note.

Food businesses could be liable for fines of up to £10,000 if not complying. SEPA recycling (including food waste) guidance.

You are considered to be a food business if your business processes, distributes or sells food, which includes restaurants, hot food carry outs and hotels.

Waste carriers registration guidance

If you deal with your own commercial waste or other commercial waste, you must register as a waste carrier if you transport controlled waste (within Scotland, England and Wales) in the course of your business, or in any other way for profit. You must register even if you transport controlled waste only once in a while. This applies to self employed carriers as well as partnerships and companies. It is an offence to transport controlled waste if you are not a registered carrier and you may be fined up to £5,000.

Contact the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for an application for registration and cost details.

Legal requirements for carrying or disposing of commercial and trade waste can be found on the Net Regs website.

Charity or voluntary organisations

If you are a charity or voluntary organisation and you transport waste, or you only carry waste that you have produced as a result of your business (excluding construction and demolition waste) you must be on SEPA's Register of Professional Collectors and Transporters of Waste. There is no charge for this type of registration.

Prepaid waste recycling sacks

Prepaid commercial waste recycling sacks are available for businesses that occasionally produce more waste than can be stored in their bins.

The colour coded sacks can be used for: 

  • mixed recycling – see 'Trade waste recycling' section above
  • general waste – non-recyclable material

No other sacks will be collected.

Price, on request, includes the cost of collection and processing of waste.

Management of your commercial waste 

Create a Waste Management Folder. This should contain:

  • details of your waste contractor and waste collection days
  • training details including induction pack for new staff
  • Waste Transfer Notes (WTN’s)

Have a system to internally separate waste. Clearly label all bins. Internal separation helps minimise contamination of external containers. Your waste contractor may refuse to collect contaminated waste.

Commercial white goods 

Contact us for a quote to remove white goods (cookers, fridges and freezers) used in business premises. 

Contact Commercial Waste



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