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Bin collection changes: FAQs

To find out all about the new purple bin and revised collection service due to begin in April 2019, please see our dedicated information page.

The section below is intended to address any other potential questions and concerns.

Q: I have nappies or incontinence products that need collected more often. What shall I do?

A absorbent hygiene product collection service is for customers who have a particularly high amount of nappies or absorbent hygiene waste products and cannot cope with a general waste collection every three weeks. This service may be provided on a temporary basis, depending on your circumstances. This service is for customers who have a particularly high volume of absorbent hygiene products or two or more children in nappies.

This is a fortnightly service. Once your application has been approved a Waste Awareness Officer will be in touch to confirm collection days and bin delivery. We provide a free 140 litre bin to our customers for this service.

The hygiene collection is for:

  • nappies
  • associated nappy changing rubbish, such as cotton wool, wet wipes, nappy sacks
  • incontinence pads

To apply for this service please contact us on 01294 310000.

Q: Is a three weekly collection for my bins enough?

Across Scotland, around a quarter of all councils successfully operate a three or four weekly bin collection service. Where households use all recycling services available to them, a three weekly cycle has been found to be sufficient.

Q: I have a large family, will a three weekly collection be enough?

Research by Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government shows that 80 litres of general waste per week is sufficient for most households. Therefore, collecting our 240 litre grey bin three weekly will be sufficient if households maximise their recycling capacity. Where households are genuinely struggling for waste storage and are maximising their recycling bins, we will review their situation on a case-by-case basis. Additional grey bins will not be provided or available to purchase, unless necessary.

Q: I do not have enough room for an additional bin – what shall I do?

Flats & High Density Housing:
In specific areas where space and storage could be an issue such as high density housing we may introduce communal bins to assist with this issue and help improve the overall appearance of the location. Our Waste Awareness Team will contact with the affected households to discuss these arrangements.

Detached, Terraces and Semi-detached Housing:
The average household should have sufficient space for an additional bin. We urge residents to work with the bins for a few months until you get used to the new system. If you are still struggling with space, please contact the Waste Awareness Team who will work with you to identify any possible solutions.

Q: I receive an assisted collection (pull out service). Will this still apply after the changes?

Yes. If we already help you with your bins, this service will automatically transfer when the new bin and collections are introduced in April.

Q: Will you take extra waste beside my grey bin?

No. We will only collect any waste that is contained within the grey bin itself.
If you have excess waste which cannot be recycled and will not fit into your grey bin, you should take this to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Q: Will you still collect additional cardboard boxes if my blue bin is full?

Yes. If you cannot fit any more cardboard into your blue bin, simply flatten your card and place it next to your blue bin on your collection day. Alternatively, you can take flattened cardboard to any of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Q: I don’t have a brown bin and never have had. Will I get one as part of the roll out?

Households will be given a purple bin free of charge during the initial roll out. Additional blue and brown recycling bins are available to purchase. Please contact the Waste Awareness Team on to discuss additional recycling bins.

Q: I have a sack service. Will I get a purple sack?

Yes, unless you could utilise a purple bin. Households with a sack service may request a bin instead, if they think this will be more beneficial to them.

Q: Can I have smaller bins?

A smaller purple bin is available, but we would ask you to work with the standard 240 litre bin for a few months to see how your household waste splits out between the bins, and how this fits with your new collection schedule. If, after a few months, you would prefer a smaller bin contact our Waste Awareness Team.

Q: I currently have two blue bins. Can you take one away before the purple one is delivered?

We recommend keeping additional bins for a few months after the service change. After this time, if you no longer require two blue bins we can arrange to have it collected.

Q: I am colour blind. How am I going to cope with another coloured bin?

If you have difficulty telling the bins apart by their colour, please contact our Waste Awareness Team who will work with you to provide a solution.

Q: How will residents in the North Coast and Garnock Valley areas be informed of the new service?

An information pack, which includes a letter, booklet and a new collection calendar for householders living in the North Coast area (including Largs) are scheduled to be delivered up until 23 March 2019. The new purple bins are planned to commence delivery in the North Coast area week commencing Monday 25 March and deliveries will continue until Friday 5 April 2019. Householders in the North Coast area and Garnock Valley area will receive their first scheduled collection of the new purple bin on week commencing 15 April, so householders will receive their new purple bin in sufficient time prior to their first collection.

Q: What should I do if I haven't received my purple bin by 1 April 2019?

Until you receive your purple bin, you should continue to use your blue bin for mixed recyclables (paper,card, cardboards, glass, cans, plastics and cartons).

We will uplift your blue bin, with mixed recyclables, on your first scheduled blue bin collection in April. After this has been uplifted, you will transition onto the new service which means you should only use your blue bin for paper, card and cardboard. Your purple bin should be used to recycle glass,cans, plastics and cartons.

However, if you receive your purple bin before your first blue bin collection in April, feel free to begin using it. We will not uplift the purple bin if it has been used for mixed recyclables other the before mentioned items. Please remember that items should be placed in your recycling bins clean and loose. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and should therefore be disposed of in your grey bin. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Waste Awareness Team on 01294 310000.

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