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Priority 4 Supporting all of our people to stay safe healthy and active We are working with our partners to provide a co-ordinated response to the health social and emotional needs of all children young people and adults in North Ayrshire. The creation of the North Ayrshire Health Social Care Partnership will provide a renewed focus on combining health social care the third sector for example community groups charities and voluntary organisations the independent sector private-sector companies that are contracted to provide or support health and social care and community resources to develop opportunities for early intervention and prevention tackling health inequalities empowering neighbourhoods and improving mental health. A rst step for this new partnership is to develop a strategic plan to set out priorities and actions for the rst three years particularly in 20152016. We have helped to produce a rst draft of this plan and are currently consulting sta service users and carers to make sure that our priorities are the right ones. The vision at the heart of the plan is that all people who live in North Ayrshire are able to have a safe active and healthy life. To achieve this the partnership will focus on the following ve priorities Tackling inequalities Engaging communities Integrating services Prevention and early intervention Improving mental health and wellbeing A key partner in our strategic plan will be our housing service through providing high-quality homes and consulting tenants. Through this partnership we will work to develop a local housing strategy and a strategic housing investment plan to help our residents stay safe healthy independent and active.