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Local Development Plan

consultatons icon  North Ayrshire Council is progressing work for a new Local Development Plan (LDP2), which is intended to be adopted in 2019. A recent call for sites helped prepare the Main Issues Report - the first stage in preparing the new plan.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) is a land use document that indicates where certain types of development should, and should not, happen.

It sets out a long term vision for growth, identifying land and infrastructure to deliver new homes and for businesses to locate and expand.

It provides the policy framework for determining planning applications.

The LDP covers a 10 year period, up to 2025. It is replaced every 5 years. We review the LDP to look beyond 2025, and work out the best places for new homes, businesses and other developments. 

The development plan is made up of:

  • The Local Development Plan (LDP)
    • Vision Statement and Spatial Strategy
    • Topic based policies, General Policy and Auxiliary Policies
  • The LDP Proposals Maps which allocate land for specific purposes (e.g. housing, retailing, industry, heritage protection etc.)
  • Supporting information papers (PDF 2.03mb)
  • Planning Guidance (provides more detail in respect of specific policies or provides advice on design in specific areas)

Action programme

The LDP is accompanied by an Action Programme (PDF, 352kb) which acts as the implementation mechanism for the plan.

North Ayrshire Local Development Plan

North Ayrshire Local Development Plan (PDF, 7.75mb)

LDP map

View our LDP interactive map or as pdfs below:

The plan has been the subject of a Strategic Environmental Assessment. View the Environmental Report and Post Adoption Statement. 

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