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Computers, internet and wifi  

Book a library computer

Library members can book a 2 hour session on a library computer, including internet access. There is no charge for this service. Most of our libraries have access to a scanner. You can request to extend your session if there is a computer available. If you would like to learn more about using computers, find out about our Computer Buddy Scheme.

What will you need?

Use the last 8 characters of your North Ayrshire Council library card number


Library members can enjoy free wireless internet access (wi-fi) at the following locations,

What will you need?

  • your library card number
  • your PIN (need to reset your PIN?)
  • a wireless enabled device

If you are having problems connecting to our wi-fi network, please speak to a member of staff.


  • Black and white: 10p per A4 sheet (15p double sided)
  • Colour: 30p per A4 sheet (60p double sided)


  • Black and white A4 or A3: 10p per copy (20p double sided)
    Multiple copies:
    10p per copy - quantity 1-30 (20p double sided) 
    7p per copy - quantity 31-100 (10p double sided)
    5p per copy - quantity 101 + (7p double sided)
    For example: 40 photocopies would be charged at 30 copies @ 10p each (15p double sided), plus 10 copies @ 7p each (10p double sided)
  • Colour A4: 30p per copy (60p double sided) 
    Colour A3: 60p per copy (£1.29 double sided)
    Multiple copies:
    30p per copy - quantity 1-30 (double sided 60p)
    20p per copy - quantity 31-100 (double sided 30p)
    10p per copy - quantity 101 + (double sided 20p)


  • Within the UK: 50p
  • Europe or USA: £1.20
  • Rest of world: £1.50
  • Receiving: 50p

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