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Eglinton Country Park is rich and diverse in wildlife.  There are many habitats within Eglinton such as wetland, woodland, grassland and water ways which provide ideal homes for insects, amphibians, mammals and birds as well as many varieties of plants and fungi.

To appreciate the wildlife, you must take time to stand and look around and keep your eyes and ears open to discover a wealth of natural history.  Some species are common and will be easy to spot like the blackbird or the peacock butterfly.  Others are less so such as the otter although signs including tracks and spraints can be found with a little exploring.

Birds to look out for include: finch and tit species, robin, song thrush, tree creeper, great-spotted woodpecker, kestrel, buzzard, sparrow hawk, tawny owl, barn owl, kingfisher, dipper and mallard.

Mammals you may see include: fox, mink, otter, pipistrelle bat, Daubenton's bat, brown hare and roe deer.

From the earliest snowdrop through to the berries of the holly bush, Eglinton is vibrant with colour.  Take time to smell the delicate perfume of wildflowers in spring or explore and discover the many species of fungi the park has to offer in autumn.

Plants such as cuckoo flower host the delicate orange tip butterfly, whilst ragwort can be found festooned with the black and yellow caterpillar of the cinnibar moth.

The park has a strong woodland character with a few specimen trees surviving from the estate days, including sycamore and yew.

With such a diverse landscape, it is important that we conserve and educate making sure everyone enjoys, understands and respects this wonderful environment.

Please have a look at the information below about the wildlife in Eglinton Country Park


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