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Our Green Future

Climate change is a major threat to our planet. It is caused by the build up of greenhouse gases created by human activities and our demand for energy. The greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, are warming our plant causing severe reactions including flooding and coastal erosion, which destroys crop production and valuable biodiversity. Adding to the problem is massive scale deforestation as it both destroys the planets natural ability to capture CO2 and releases stored CO2 back into the atmosphere.

With the increasing demand on our planets' resources and the detrimental effect that our day to day life has on the environment, it is essential that governments, businesses and individuals alike do everything possible to reduce their impact. If we do not act now the damage will be irreversible.

At Eglinton Country Park we have created an Eco Code (PDF, 112Kb). It shows our commitment to:

  • reduce our energy and water consumption
  • improve our recycling habits
  • reduce the carbon output from our vehicles
  • continue to improve biodiversity
  • increase the awareness of our staff and visitors.

As we make these changes we will meet the requirements necessary to achieve Eco Centre status where we will be awarded with a Green Flag for our continuing efforts.


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