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Youth Challenge and Youth Achievement Awards

Youth Challenge and Youth Achievement Awards were set up by UKYouth, the network for quality work with young people. 

The awards programme, launched in 1997, was quickly recognised as one of the key frameworks that enabled young people to develop their personal and social skills.  

It allows young people to build a portfolio of evidence based on their voluntary activities and non-format or informal educational settings, and to gain nationally recognised accreditation - through the awarding body ASDAN (an educational charity).

The programme helps with personal and social development of young people whose potential can be better realised through non-formal education routes. The achievement of awards and qualifications results in the sense of enhanced self-esteem and aspiration with the added potential of contributing to their community.

Eglinton Country Park Ranger Service has been facilitating Youth Achievement Award groups by providing a programme that compliments the Awards ethos. Through the Ranger Services, a wide range of life skill development can be achieved:

  • communication
  • negotiation
  • exploring and managing feelings
  • selecting
  • planning and leading based on their own interests
  • developing values. 

Eglinton Country Park also provides the ideal base for a multitude of activities, all of which helps to develop effective participative practice and allow young people to progressively take more responsibility in this activity-based approach to peer education.


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