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Personalisation and Self-Directed Support - my life, my care, my support  

What is Personalisation?

North Ayrshire Council is changing the way it delivers services to give people who need care increased independence, greater choice and the ability to direct their own support. The changes, known as 'Personalisation', mean that services are flexible and tailored to the individual's needs. Personalisation means that people have more choice and control in how their services are designed and receive support that is most suited to them.

Individuals are more involved in agreeing:

  • the outcomes they want to achieve
  • the services they want to meet their needs
  • how their services will be purchased and managed

Personalisation of social care means that people can choose how the money they are allocated to provide them with services is spent through Self-Directed Support.

What is Self-Directed Support?

People who are eligible for support will be allocated an individual budget and will be able to decide how they use this to achieve their agreed outcomes. They will be able to choose how their support is provided by giving them as much ongoing control as they want over how their individual budget is spent.

Scottish Government legislation places a duty on councils to offer and promote Self-Directed Support options. There are 4 options for people receiving services through Self-Directed Support:

  • a direct payment for the individual to arrange their own care and support
  • the person chooses who they want to provide the support they want and the Council then arranges the care for the person (this is called an Individual Service Fund)
    Please note: We are currently working on a framework to enable us to fully implement this option. We anticipate this will be available in the near future.
  • council arranged services
  • a combination of the above options

What can I use Self-Directed Support for?

If you are eligible for support, you can spend your individual budget as creatively as you like, providing it helps you to meet your agreed needs, such as:

  • support to live in your own home, such as help with having a bath or getting washed and dressed
  • supporting you to be more involved in your community, to go to college, to continue in employment, take a job, or to take part in activities
  • arranging for a personal assistant (PA) to help you attend local classes, go swimming, or be a volunteer helping others
  • providing a short respite break

You can choose whether you would prefer to get support from a service provider such as a voluntary organisation, care agency, the council or by employing Personal Assistants, or a combination of both.

Where can I find out more?

Personalisation and Self-Directed Support has already improved outcomes and increased choices for people in North Ayrshire, such as Marie and Colin (PDF, 420kb).

We have produced a range of factsheets and a glossary of terms (PDF, 30kb) to provide more information about Personalisation and Self-Directed Support

If you would like further information on how Self-Directed Support could work for you visit the Self-Directed Support Scotland website where you can find a National guide for service users.

How will we deliver Personalisation and Self-Directed Support?

North Ayrshire Council has developed a Personalisation Strategy. 

Regulations from the Scottish Government following the Self-Directed Support (Scotland) Bill will include any proposals for training, development and implementation of the Self-Directed Support Bill.

careNA website

The Care & Support North Ayrshire website – careNA – allows you to find out what services are available in your area to help you make the most of Self-Directed Support.  

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